About Us

At BolDesigns, we want to be known first for superior engineering in all that we manufacture, always putting forth ideas and designs that make a difference, not just for looks, but true function. We believe that our 30 year reputation in designing equipment for the lumber industry precedes us. We at BolDesigns realize that there are many natural variables involved when processing any type of lumber, whether drying, treating, or packaging. We at BolDesigns try to create designs that remove all the mechanical variables from a process, allowing our customers to have the most control of the drying, treating, or packaging process. We offer services such as: pallet kilns, lumber kilns, firewood treating kilns,heat treating kilns, pole kilns, all aluminun kilns, track kilns, high temp kilns, direct fire kilns, kiln venting, kiln relocation and kiln repair. We also offer custom drying/treating equipment of all types fit to our customer needs.