Pallet Treaters

Boldesigns pallet heat treaters come in two standard sizes, a full truckload size and a half truckload size, however,we customize our standard size to meet customer requirements. This BASIC unit can be supplied with a number of convenience and performance options. The following is a list of features, unique to the BOLDESIGNS pallet treaters.

  • All aluminum (no steel)
  • Stainless Steel fastener/bolts
  • Customized to customers expectations
  • Touch screen control systems
  • On site operator training
  • Motors/Burners outside of chamber for easy access for maintanence/long life of motor
  • Smooth interior walls/ceilings for improved airflow


  • 3’ overhang to cover the controls and motors allowing easy access for maintenance

Wall frames are constructed of welded, 2” by 4” by 0.125”(wall thickness), Aluminum rectangular tubing (high corrosion resistance alloy) and include 4” by 4” supports for the fan deck. Wall Sections are welded into panels 8’-9 1/2” wide and full height of treater wall with full length vertical members spaced every 34-1/2” and a minimum of five (5) horizontal cross members, all solidly welded. Battens of mineral wool insulation, 4½” thick, are fitted into the frame openings and covered by 6 mil vinyl sheets. An inner skin of 0.040” smooth aluminum sheeting is stretched and fitted to the inside of each panel (Sidewalls protected against forklift damage with 1/8” aluminum plate.), while 0.032 corrugated aluminum sheets are installed on the outside of the panels in the field with stainless steel screws on close centers. The aluminum inner skins are completely isolated from the insulation by the 6 mil. polyethylene sheets held in place by stainless fasteners. Corrugated sheets are made from smooth aluminum sheeting (no embossed aluminum is used) to inhibit corrosion.

Mineral Wool Insulation
4-1/2" thick wall/roof insulation has R = 20 (approximately, at 6 lb. density = 4.35R per inch.) Mineral Wool insulation has been found in laboratory tests to resist the accumulation of moisture better than foam materials. The corrugated outer siding helps the panels to "breath," eliminating condensation.

Roof panels are nominally 4-1/2” thick and like the sidewall panel’s 8’ 9-1/2” wide by approximately 1/2” long (or the full depth of the treater enclosure). These roof panels are fastened to the enclosure with 5/16” stainless steel bolts on 36” centers at each truss and rear beam. The roof and side-wall panels are sealed together using 1/4” by 1-1/2” foam strips, then covered by a formed 0.060” aluminum sealing strip which is fastened to both side-wall and roof panels with stainless steel fasteners on close centers. The roof slope is 1” in 1’. Heavy gauge corrugated aluminum sheeting is installed over these roof panels in the field, same as with the side-wall panels Exterior corrugated aluminum Bottom seal of exterior wall.

Roof Panel Construction
Roof panels, like the side-wall panels, consist of heavy structural aluminum tube frame welded together and using mineral wool insulation, with a smooth 0.040” aluminum interior and a corrugated 0.032” aluminum exterior, providing the absolute strongest and best sealed kiln enclosure in the industry.

Smooth Interior
We designed the inside of our pallet treaters to be similar to an air duct so to give the best chance at perfect airflow. When we say like an air duct, we mean to keep any structure from disturbing your airflow so that entering and exiting the lumber you have the most even air flow and heat distribution as possible.

36” FANS 2HP 1150rpm motors rated @ 9000 CFM each. Estimated airflow through pallets 300fpm.

Powerd Bi-Fold Loading Door

Bi-Fold Loading Door
Used for years in aircraft hanger buildings, this type door is without question the most efficient, best sealing and easiest to use door available for pallet treaters. Some of the benefits include 1) push-button opening, 2) providing cover from rain and the elements while loading/unloading the treater, and 5) preventing implosion by automatically venting the area above the fan deck.

We use a silicon double bulb rubber type gasket that completely seals the door. We use conveyor belt material on the bottom of the door which gives a good seal and is long lasting.

Bi-Fold Door Construction
This horizontal Bi-Fold design is constructed of heavy aluminum structural tubing, welded into a strong framework, and fitted with 2” thick, fiberglass backed. After being covered with 6 mil. Vinyl sheeting, the door panels are covered with the same 0.040” aluminum as with the side-wall and roof panels, smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside. The main door hinges are constructed of 1/2” thick by 2” wide aluminum bars, welded to the doorframe and pinned through two other bars on the adjoining members with 3/4” diameter, stainless steel pins. There are at least four sets of these at both the top of the door and at the center hinge point. The door utilizes a rubber, tadpole-type bulb gasket at the pinch points at the top and center hinge, with a soft, double bulb silicone rubber seal on each side. Once in place, the door is clamped shut by latches, providing the best pallet treater door seal available. A 1 hp brake motor, directly connected to a 60:1 reducer drive, which in turn is directly connected to a winch, raises the door. When activated, the door and overhead baffles are opened in less than 45 seconds, utilizing four (4) 1/4” diameter stainless steel aircraft cables (each is rated at 6,400 lb. capacity). For safety, the door is designed so that any one of these four cables can support the entire door.

The bi-fold door and side load style design over time helps save money on labor and decreases the chances of damaging the equipment with a fork lift.

Burner and Burner Controls

Burner Description
(LPG or Natural Gas) gun type burner, 1,600 RPM motor squirrel cage blower, adjustable damper, control panel, dual shut off volume/regulator, 24 volt transformer, flame safeguard, air safety switch, 110V supply.


Automated Computer Controller
This pallet treater control system is fully automated with built in control package using windows based true touch screen technology. We offer packages from on the wall operation, as seen in this picture, to fully automated network off site operation. The most basic system will do everything your desk top pc will do. It has its own web address allowing the operator access operations from anywhere in the world as long as one has internet access. The equipment fully automatic and will do the work for you. The controller will utilize RTD inputs.

The system has i-stich access to programming data for download to carry to other computers systems or networks.

There are two basic sizes that that we work from at Boldesigns but it's completely the customer's choice when considering size. Full truck-load unit with push-of-a-button powered bi-fold door, should hold 600 standard pallets.

  • Full truck-load unit with standard door, should hold 600 standard pallets.
  • Half truck-load unit with standard door, should hold 300 standard pallets.